Executive Team

Alton Trimble

Simone Dilisser, C.P.A.

Arnel Eugenio, D.D.S.
Director of Field Operations

Jasmine M. Eugenio, M.D
Director of Health Services

Deborah Lowe
Dir. Of Recruitment and Human Resources

Lisa Johnson, R.N.
Director of Health Education

Terri Batch
Resource Coordinator

Jacqui Parish
Resource Coordinator

Mission Teams

The April 2013 Team

The April 2013 Team, top row (from l to r): Lisa Johnson, Dr. Arnel Eugenio, Elina Eugenio, Dr. Jasmine Eugenio, Dr. Kerry English, Jacqui Parish, Manuel Vasquez, Ms. Cynthia Oliver, Anthony. Bottom row: Monica Iskandar, Deborah Lowe, Felisha Eugenio, Dr. Xylina Bean, Behroz Oftadeh, Gwenn Issacs, Carolyn Wilbon.

The January 2012 Team

Januar 2012 Team (l to r): back row - Deborah Lowe, George Lacuesta, Therese Andrus, Kim O'Dywer, Jacqui Parish, Marcella Parra, Lisa Johnson, Carolyn Wilbon. Front row - Kimberly Payne, Gwen Isaacs (holding baby Ruth), Dr. Arnel Eugenio, Lynn Joseph, Dr. Jasmine Eugenio, Felisha Eugenio, Elina Eugenio.

The April 2011 Team

The April 2011 Team (l to r): Dr. Alex Gladkov, Dr. Tony Zamorano, Loretta Gay, Dr. Kerry English, Ashley Ferrell, Pastor Alton Trimble, Dr. Arnel Eugenio, Elina Eugenio, Kem Seals, Lisa Baughman, Don Green, Jessiline Berry, Sabina Hutchinson, Pam Penn, George Penn, Councilman Mike Gipson, Caroline Wildon, Denise Newman, Therese Andrus, Dr. Xylina Bean, Linotte Joseph, Dr. Jasmine Eugenio, Felisha Eugenio, Evangeline and Caranza. Not pictured: Dr. Harriette Lewis and Kenny Williams

The November 2010 Team

The November 2010 Mission Team (l to r): Don Green, Dr. Sergio Vasquez, Ryan Branch, Pastor Alton Trimble, Councilman Mike Gipson, Dr. George Penn, Jessiline Berry, Deborah Lowe, Dr. Jasmine Eugenio, Ashley Ferrell, Lynn Joseph, Jacqui Parish, Pam Penn, Dr. Arnel Eugenio, Kassy Dejeuste, Judith Morgan, Loretta Gay, and Felisha Eugenio

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