Helping Communities To Start Small Businesses

Once immediate physical needs have been met for a community, Bridges focuses on long-term solutions to poverty. Microeconomic programs are market-based programs that provide people with resources to start and maintain their own businesses, allowing them to climb out of poverty.

While many factors like supply, demand, budget constraints and government stability must be considered, the heart of our microeconomic program is freedom and self-sufficiency. A family that doesn’t have to walk miles back and forth for clean water has more time to work toward a sustainable livelihood. The same is true for education and health.

Bridges purpose is to improve the physical health first, but we are also making plans to help create the path for an entrepreneurial spirit to develop. This plan includes the funding for microeconomic ventures and the education and training required to help them flourish.

Entrepreneurship Programs:

  • Small business development for needs in the local community – e.g. hardware or convenience stores.
  • Fishing program
  • Poultry program – provides eggs and meat.
  • Livestock program – cows and goats provide one or more families with milk and milk-based products.
  • Vegetable co-ops and farms can either feed a community or be sold at the local market.
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