Our Mission

Building bridges of hope and dignity through healthcare, nutrition, education, clean water and housing to improve the quality of life for emerging communities of the world.

What We Care About

Clean Water


Clean water is vital to good nutrition and well-being. Approximately 80% of diseases in emerging countries is related to unclean water and poor sanitation. Everyday thousands of people all over the world die from illnesses like dehydration from diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera. One of our goals in fighting malnutrition is to bring clean and safe water to the impact areas.

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Bridges Global Missions targets areas of greatest need by packing and distributing clothing supplies on every trip. The clothing most in demand is children's clothing and undergarments, ages 0-13 years old, flip-flops (sandals) for both children and adults, and men's and women's athletic shoes.

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Education and Training


Each outreach site presents with varying degrees of need in areas of medical, dental, pharmacology, wellness and economic development. One of our sustainability initiatives is accomplished through education.

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Food and Nutrition


Bridges Global Missions provides food and other staples as immediate relief for the villages or communities we visit. We evaluate the local needs and resources in the areas of food supplies and nutritional supplements, food preservation and storage, farming, animal husbandry, fishing and, most importantly, education and training.

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Medical needs, medicine and pharmacology in developing countries are just as underserved as dentistry. The Bridges Global Missions team always includes medically trained personnel who can meet the needs of the local population.

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In many emerging countries, basic housing and infrastructure are lacking, insufficient, or non-existent. In Haiti, Africa and the Philippines, we have seen people sleeping in doorways, on the pavement, under cardboard or other temporary shelters. In most of these emerging countries inadequate housing leads to challenges.

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Microeconomic Development


Once immediate physical needs have been met for a community, Bridges focuses on long-term solutions to poverty. Microeconomic programs are market-based programs that provide people with resources to start and maintain their own businesses, allowing them to climb out of poverty.

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Volunteer Opportunities


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Stories from our Missions

Stories From Our Missions

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