• Unemployment is a chronic problem in most of the emerging and underdeveloped countries.
  • An emerging country needs entrepreneurs who are competent to perceive new opportunities and are willing to incur the necessary risk in exploiting them.
  • A country undergoing extremes of disasters and catastrophes needs to be brought out of the vicious circle of low income and poverty. Entrepreneurship can break this vicious circle.
  • Entrepreneurs and helping government can change an emerging country to a developed economy. Entrepreneurs not only give employment to the entrepreneur but also a source of direct and indirect employment for many people in a country.

What We Do

  • Empowering people out of poverty
    • In the villages we serve we have established relationships and connected with the people. We held meetings where we encouraged their leaders to think outside the box by coaching, training and empowering people to raise themselves out of poverty.
  • Provide seeds for change
    • We provide resources to enable someone with entrepreneurial skills to start their own business. We provided fishing poles, financed purchase of goats and chickens to those who were interested and willing.

Our Impact

  • We provided a source of income for some families
  • We gave hope to ending the vicious cycle of low income and poverty.

How Can You Help?

  • Donate today and help us provide a source of income for one or more families.

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