• Every day emergencies and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes occur all over the world. These events can subjugate an entire population within a matter of minutes. Thousands can die, be injured or traumatized by the loss of family, friends, homes, properties and resources.
  • These events can range from catastrophic rapid-onset natural disasters and disease outbreaks to slow-onset crises such as food shortages.
  • In these disasters, clean water, access to health care, and transport are most often the first to be compromised.
  • Rapid medical care and a coordinated emergency response system are important to protect survivors.
  • First responders are vital to the emergency response.
  • Quick response is usually affected by lobbying with local governments and institutional donors for aid.

What We Do

  • Our survey team determine the needs of survivors and launch rapid relief efforts.
  • As first responders, we provide medical care, psychological support, feed families and provide access to clean water. We also deliver special care for children and vulnerable people who have been made homeless by the disaster.
  • Long term, we contain and limit the spread of infectious diseases and help re-establish health care systems, support people who lost their homes and are living in temporary shelters.
  • We provide humanitarian aid, and we operate on the principles of “boots on ground” and are therefore unfettered by what some organizations need to go through to reach the population in need.

Our Impact

  • We provide medical care, access to clean water and fed thousands of families to two of the most catastrophic natural disasters in recent memory.
  • We help save lives, delivered special care for children and their families who have been made homeless by the disasters.
  • We help people recover from the aftermath of natural disasters and with our collaboration instilled a community resilience that can help prepare them for any adversity.


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