Bridges Global Missions provides food and other staples as immediate relief for the villages or communities we visit. We evaluate the local needs and resources in the areas of food supplies and nutritional supplements, food preservation and storage, farming, animal husbandry, fishing and, most importantly, education and training. In both Haiti and the Philippines, we researched the food supplies needed and whether they are available in the region to determine whether to purchase locally or ship internationally.

We also perform nutritional assessments. Our first goal in any area is to identify the village or community leaders who give input to these assessments. Our team includes medical personnel, including physicians, nurses and nutritionists well qualified to conduct clinical assessments that point us to nutritional deficits, as well as dietary intake assessments.

Nutrition assessment help to address either growing locally or procurement. As an example, we noticed that although the people in Haiti lived by the ocean, fishing boats and equipment were scarce. On two of our trip to Haiti, we brought fishing poles to help the fisherman thus paving the way for small businesses for their families.

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